#6110795, By princessbaby87x Anybody want to help me beat Left 4 Dead 2?

  • princessbaby87x 4 May 2010 22:39:20 164 posts
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    SolidSCB wrote:
    I've got 1030 on it. Just need the expert campaigns really and the rest are pretty easy. Of course like you said you do need 3 decent people to play through it with, I'm sick of little randoms that quit out or are just complete and utterly useless, so it'd be good to get 3 (at least vaguely) familiar people to play it with!

    Yeah you have wayyyy more gamerscore on that game then me. I dont have that much at all.
    I really want to beat it though.
    donI just really really need to beat it!!!

    I havent really played it on easy or medium, Ive just started off with expert...
    and i cannot get past dead center... i mean i cant even beat it...seriousally the random ppl on xbox live are garbage... they leave after 5 minutes..and im stuck playing it with the computer....
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