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    Markitron wrote:
    Anybody got some good links for crowd chants? Iv been playing PES on PS3 since 09 and never really got into installing em and google hasnt been of much help. Also, does the option file disable trophies, since your essentially copying someone else's save file (or so it seems - Havnt messed with those before either)

    Sorry for all the questions :)

    There are fucktons of crowd chants on the EA forums - I'll have a look in a bit.

    Some fairly shallow thoughts having played a few matches tonight...

    I love the passing - the balance between manual and auto is just about right for me, and although I found the fully manual controls of FIFA incredibly satisfying when I got it right, it all seemed like far too much ard work for the time I get to play games these days.

    With regards to commentary, bizarrely enough, I also actually prefer it in PES. Something about the tones in their voices rather than the actual words are far more fitting and relevant to proceedings than FIFA, and the same can be said for the crowds - the timing and strength of the applause after a good effort or near miss just feels right. Script wise and technically it's not perfect, but the general ambiance just feels right.

    I also love the 'full auto' aspect of the managing. I like the option of just playing the games and not worrying about who is knackered and who isn't, even though I like the fitness element. Having my squad chosen for me, and subs made during the game not only suits me with regards to not having to pay too much attention without loosing the realism, but it also helped create a 'TV Sports Football' style feel to the game, which Is what I've wanted in a footy game since I was 8.

    It's all about the goals for me though, and this is something that PES 11 absolutely stomps all over FIFA with. There's just something about the animations chosen for given situations that always take the icing off for me with FIFA. Transitions between animations may not be as fluid as FIFAs, but somehow when it all comes together it actually looks better and more organic - the replays are almost lifelike at some points.In FIFA, the way the ball is struck, the positioning of the body and the flight of the ball just doesn't sit well with me these days, and makes for awful looking robotic gears of war style replays. With PES 2011 however, I'll more than happily sit and have a fag and watch the highlights. Some of them really do look amazing. The attention to detail with the cinematography is immense - things like the camera not actually being fixed to the movement of the ball and actually not keeping up with it at times as would happen in real time recordings makes a massive difference to how convincing and the replays are.
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