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    1. Do you prefer a game that has more focus on the storyline or do you prefer more action oriented games? Storyline is a big aspect of my enjoyment of a game, but action adventures which feature a strong story are my favourite games

    2. What is your favourite genre of storyline in a game? Horror or sci-fi (that's a bit of a redundant question really - most games are horror or sci-fi, so statistically you're going to get most people's favourite games in those genres but that won't really prove anything. I might want to see a romantic comedy game but they just aren't out there to try it.)

    3. Which do you prefer; a game that has a realistic storyline and setting or a game that has a more fantasy based setting? 'Realistic' in that it primarily involves human characters and their experiences, but I'm fine with them being put through extraordinary or supernatural events. Again, there aren't many realistic storylines in games to use as a yardstick so you've got a bit of a flawed question there.

    4. Who is your favourite game character and why? Just the one? How about two - the prince from Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time because he goes through a journey of slef-discovery, turning from an arogant and selfish whelp into a man who understands the value of love but who loses love in the process. Number two is Nathan Drake because he's flawed and reacts in amusing but believable ways to extreme circumstances.

    5. Do you prefer games where the focus is on multiple characters rather than it having one main protaginist? No.

    6. Do you prefer games where you can create your character from scratch and forge your own history, or a preset character that is already developed in the game world? Preset because they usually give the player a more fully realised narrative (the semi-exception being Mass Effect where the range of presets are all catered for).

    7. What is your favourite game storyline and why? Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for the reasons stated above. Also, they both revolve truly around love and relationships and that's a lot more satisfying than saving the world (while you also get to do that too).

    Speaking as an academic (I really am a doctor, PhD!), you've got a couple of questions in there which are going to skew your results. You shouldn't base your study on the responses from those because their answers are defined by the pre-existing limitations of narrative in the games industry.
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