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    Feanor wrote:
    ecureuil wrote:
    You were one of the worst trolls around, Furbs. Constantly looking to wind people up.

    Yeah, I don't know why Furbs bothered coming back just to post some hypocritical bollocks.
    I find that quite surprising really, given how many of my posts were in here having some great discussions with people I've listed above, and indeed yourself. Don't really remember being called up too often as a "troll" back in the day either. In fact I seem to remember it being yourself and me being critical of ottos attempts to "troll" so not sure why you didnt mention it at the time.

    Not really sure how it could be hypocritical given I've never even looked at say, Redcafe, used "teamnamelol" or deliberately acted the prick during a game. Maybe when its done and dusted I did (although I dont think its to level of disrespect that goes on nowadays), but then again the only person I ever really remember getting into a "heated" debate with was morriss about results vs sexy football.

    Hey ho though, if I was a troll, then I apologise and its good to know the level of debate was never really that good in the first place.
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