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    "Massive pussy" and "little girl" casual sexism c-c-c-combo!
    Would you have complained about sexism if I'd have called Kompany a "cock" instead of a "pussy"?
    If casual sexism against men was a huge issue then yeah sure. Just like I have no problem calling out casual racism/homophobia against those effected by it.

    I really expected people a lot thicker than yourself to use the "reverso-world" argument.
    I'm just trying to work out what you consider casual sexism. Are we ok to use the word "cunt" on your watch? Is that a word you can say you haven't used?

    Sexism and homophobia are of course bad, but I think you have to be careful you're picking the right battles. If you become "that guy" who plays the role of politically correct white knight at any available opportunity, then you run the risk of not being taking seriously when an actual harmful case of genuine sexism or homophobia comes along.
    Of course you can and will use whatever words you want. I can't police the forum ... (checks with rauper.... ) no I can't police the forum, but I do and will call people out when I see it. I honestly don't care if I become that guy because quite frankly there is no one even threading away from the line here anyway. So any attempt to even mention sexism on here and you are that guy. So fuck it I may as well go all the way over.

    I play in a football team as well, there's a lost battle if ever there was one but I still call people out on it. To not do so and just let it slide would be much easier but I can't.
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