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    kalel wrote:
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    @kal: occasionally online, never in real life. The implication is different though. Cunt, cock, dick, asshole etc is genitalia for vulgarity sake with no allusions being draw to the person that owns the genitalia. Calling someone a pussy, little girl, telling them to man up, grow some balls etc, well the implication is pretty evident, man>woman.
    I"m sorry but if you're going to play the white knight against sexism role, you can't go around calling people "cunts". That's the absolute number 1 no no as far as any self-respecting feminist is concerned.

    And yes, you do use it:

    Your Columbo moment here would have been so much better if I hadn't just admitted and explained how I use it... Still you went to the trouble of googling it would have been a shame not to get to use it.

    I know a lot of feminists and believe me the argument against people using cunt is a lot different than the widespread issue of casual sexism being used. Inga Muscio even wrote a book called Cunt ont he topic. The c-word debate is usually down to context (she's a dumb fucking cunt vs that person is a bit of a cunt). It's clear to anyone what the difference is there, unless you're trying to make a white knight argument I guess.
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