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    kalel wrote:
    You've obviously drawn your own line in the grey area of what is sexist and what isn't, and that's fine, but I'm not sure what makes you think yours is the line that everyone else should stick to.

    I did a module on feminism for my masters btw, and was the only male in the class, so if we're playing the "some of my best friends are feminists" game, I bet I win (a apathetic a card to pull as that is, but hey, you went there). I'm reasonably sure that most traditional feminists would consider any use of the word cunt appalling. Post-feminists on the other hand would probably share your view, but then they'd also be fine with someone using the word "pussy" so not sure that's the killer argument you might think.
    You did a module on feminism and you pulled the "if he'd called him a cock is it still sexist" argument? Wowsers.

    The line I've drawn isn't as random as you seem to think. If you are using the being a women part as an insult then yes it's sexist. If you are calling someone a cunt, cock etc for just being a shit then you're not being anythingist. You're just being vulgar, which can be fine in the right context. If you are calling them a pussy cos they are acting weak/cowardly then it is sexist. It's pretty simple.

    I'll leave it there as I'm derailing this too much now (feel free to PM if you want to continue).
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