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    Hey the Guardian live report thingie is quite accurate, I think:

    I can only assume that André Santos had been told to position himself infield, and either a bit ahead or a bit behind the rest of the back four, but by no means ever alongside them. For that was not the performance of a left-back. There were other issues – Gervinho's lack of goal threat; Ramsey failing to offer an option on the right of midfield, leaving Carl Jenkinson to cover that entire flank on his own – but for the whole game the gaping hole on the left of their defence looked likely to be Arsenal's undoing, yet they stubbornly failed to do anything about it, and that is where both goals came from. Bizarre.
    Trouble is none of these issues are anything new, and apart from Gibbs returning to left back, I don't see the others being resolved anytime soon. :(

    Gnabry looked good, that's at least something.
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