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    puddleduck wrote:
    They're not as big a club as they think they are. Players go there to play for Wenger, not Arsenal.
    Not that I've ever said Wenger out (I never have, even when he pisses me off, which seems to be every weekend), but....we are a big club; both from a financial perspective, historical (liverpoollol), stadium, commercial and number of global fans. To say we're not is absurd, we always have been. Even in our current lull and decline, we still are.

    Also, many players do come for Wenger's development, yet they also leave as soon as they've got what they wanted; to mature into complete players. Besides, his pull is not as strong as it once was, based on our current decline and against the money others offer (though as wages show, we're no slouch in splashing the cash on crazy wages).

    Their fans are hardly known as being particularly supportive either
    Based on what? comments from here, 606 and twitter? That can be said for any club.

    Go ask any previous player about how they think of our fans. Its amazing how short people memories are, basing it on current internet malaise to judge arsenal the club.

    PS: I'm still not "Wenger Out", before people use that label to discredit me.

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