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    Over the course of the last few years we've seen Arsenal, Chelsea and now United get screwed over in the CL thanks to shocking refereeing decisions. When was the last time Barca or Madrid went out because of bad officiating? Food for thought.

    Also, usually it's Spanish teams that are all over the refs face screaming and waving imaginary cards every time an opposition player breathes on them. I don't recall a single Madrid player protesting after that "challenge" from Nani. Even they didn't think it was malicious. Says it all really. Give out a yellow and be done with it. But no, its an English team involved so they must have some sort of handicap imposed.

    Go back to the first leg too; every single United player that made a 50-50 challenge was booked for nothing. Ramos was responsible for 2 of them after going down as if he had been shot from minimal contact from both RVP and Valencia. Madrid got no bookings. The highlight was when Evra had a clear sight on goal and was blatantly pulled down and the Madrid player should have been shown a red card for a last man challenge. What does the ref do? He blows for a normal foul and doesn't even talk to the perpetrator, let alone punish him. Coincidence? I don't think so.

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