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    heyyo! wrote:
    It is absurd that women still fall prey to opportunistic sexual predators. When will they be empowered? When will they be heard? Never, it seems!

    erm, maybe when they stop forgetting their clothes at home and stop wandering around drunk off their faces at 3am? On a more serious note, my (sensibly clothed) female friends get really anxious about walking out late at night (as in past 9pm) in case "some creep is waiting in the bush" it always strikes me as an over reaction tbh, ok fair enough they're young women but is rape really that frequent?

    Oh and I imagine the attacker getting spikes in his dick - would result in further harm to the victim.

    Is rape really that frequent? Yes.

    "There were 85,000 women raped in the United Kingdom in 2006, equating to about 230 cases every day. According to the report one of every 200 women in the UK was raped in 2006. The report also showed that only 800 persons were convicted in rape crimes that same year.[1][2]"

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