#6451243, By Slabbathepave 3D gaming : yes or no?

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    Cant be bothered to read the rest of the thread, so i'll just jump in with both feet. Recently went to the Sony Beta event in Birmingham and had the opportunity to play Killzone 3, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and the latest Gran Turismo-all in 3D.

    I was expecting to be blown away and i wasn't. It was impressive yes, and i can certainly see myself getting involved at some point, but the wow-factor was non-existent. My main sticking point was just how dark the lenses were and how that impacted on what i was seeing(in particular with Killzone 3).

    Motorstorm Apocalypse is looking great, but again i wasn't all that impressed with the 3D versions i played, if anything it looked worse.

    Gran Turismo on the other hand looked ridiculously good. As close to photo real as i've yet seen- with or without 3D.

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