#6146598, By SlightlyMagic What platforms are uncracked?

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    To a certain extent I think it enhances a consoles sales if it can be pirated. PS1 and PS2 certainly "benefitted" from it, and the 360 seems to be the same. Most people I know buy the games but I have one mate who sorts out chipped arcades for 100 and any game for a fiver and apparently does good business so it's certainly about.

    The DS is mad though. Literally no-one I know buys games for theirs, all of them having R4's or similar and just downloading them. It's pretty much all parents who have bought the DS's for their kids and have bought the R4's so every time their kids ask for a new game they can just download it. On the one hand I can sort of understand, but I'm not sure it teaches the kids the value of anything by getting as many games as they want for free (I still remember having to save for 2 months to buy a Megadrive game as a kid :( ). Oddly some of the same people who download DS games for their kids also own PS3's or 360's for themselves and are quite happy to buy the games for those consoles. DS piracy seems to almost be like downloading MP3's - everyone knows how to do it.
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