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    I gave in and picked up Red Alert on a whim. 6 missions in now on the Soviet campaign and I am actually quite impressed. The controls are actually not bad once you get the hang of them. (Took me ages to get used to building stuff though, but once you get into the habit of the keys you can keep on top.) I am playing on easy though, on normal speed.

    Whoever designed this game does deserve to be shot though for not including saves. Seriously, I can maybe forgive no mid level saving as the PS had that shitty tiny save memory card, but not to allow saving between levels reaches new levels of shittiness. Oh, and the in game sound is a bit crappy, from the above links that looks like a firmware clash issue.

    All in all though it's decent enough for me to keep playing for at least a few more levels, which for 3.50 is all I really ask.

    Can I ask what firmware you are on, and whether you notice any sound issues, crackling etc. Only really apparent when running the game on normal, i.e. not fast.

    I'm on the latest firmware... 6.20? I think. Sound goes crackly at times, I think only on normal mode. I don't remember anything happening when I switched to fast.

    Sounds like the issue is still there, the game suffers slows down and crackles quite a lot on normal. Fast is ok, or at least reduces the issue, but too fast for my limited RTS skills.
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