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    CosmicFuzz wrote:
    I do think it's rather funny how people were perfectly happy paying £30 a year for Xbox Live last gen, with zero extras, but somehow paying £30 for PSN with the addition of a bunch of games each month is "terrible".
    I wasn't happy to pay that for Live, and I didn't. I don't play multiplayer, and £30 a year to be allowed access to iPlayer and the like was taking the urine.

    Similarly, I'm in PS+ for the games, nothing else. So I don't view them as a bonus so much as the thing I'm paying for, with multiplayer on PS4 being the bonus that I'm not going to use (especially since I've got a PS3, not a PS4, but that's by the by :)

    Personally, I'm hoping Saints Row IV will turn up on PS+ soon, as I'll be annoyed if I buy it and it only then appears on the subscription…
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