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    SlackMaster wrote:
    Max_Powers wrote:
    Blimey, this PS+ subscription service all of sudden became great value for money didn't it? Been a Microsoft Gold subscriber now for 7 years but MS only offers shit and map pack. And if you live outside of the UK or US (like I do) it's even more terrible!
    I've been subscribed to XBL Gold membership for about 3-4 years now and with each year it has been getting less and less value for money.
    Completely agree with that. Been a Gold subscriber for 7 years(!) as I used to play online a lot and especially in the early days PSN just couldn't compare.

    However, the last 6 months or so online gaming dried up for me (no interesting games anymore that me and my friends all want to play) and than a Gold subscription really isn't worth the money. The "deals" are terrible and the Metro UI is an abonimation. And as I've said the rest of the offering outside their core markets it laughable.

    I've convinced myself now, I'll take a PS+ sub :)
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