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    Ffs!!!! Got my 12gb ps3...ordered a 500gb hdd from ebay and paid for next day delivery on friday. Its still not here so the only thing i've been able to play so far is the Dust beta!!!!!!!!!!
    Ordered some games via amazon prime on monday - tracking says they were on the van yesterday at 6am. Guess what, no games yesterday. Annoys me that those bloody van drivers don't have to deliver if they think they'll not have time to get back to finish their shift on time. In my job, if i don't finish ontime tuff fucking shit. I have to keep going till i am.
    Rant over. Sorry.
    Good job i got all week off. Everything should turn up today.

    Not getting used to not using the triggers for shooters. Being an xbox player for years, i think the 360 controller is so much better. But i'll get used to it.

    However, the ps3 xmb is brilliantly simple compared to the xbox. No ads shoved in your face. The whole thing feels very sophisticated and grown up. Loving the fact you can have it turn on at whatever time you want and download updates etc. Brilliant idea.
    The games on the store are fuckin expensive. The new ones at least. There are however stupidly cheap deals, plus is worth every penny and the layout is much better than the xbox.
    I've yet to see the graphical quality of an exclusive ps3 game yet, which is something i'm both looking forward to and dreading as if it doesn't live up to my expectations i fear i'll be disappointed. The dust beta doesn't count as it's an online fps.

    Overall i'm very impressed with my purchase. Not regretting selling my beloved xbox yet.

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