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    Hi - I have a recurring problem - but enough of my embarrassing personal issues - I've got another recurring problem in that because I am in the Game Biz, when I get talking to new acquaintances, once they find this out I get: "Ahh - my son/nephew/distant relative is really interested in writing/designing games. Can you help him?"

    By 'designing games', they mean writing new stories/scenarios for whatever game they are currently playing. Which as you know, is not game designing at all.

    I try to explain that actual game authoring/designing is a very technical process, but that usually goes in one ear and out the other. So.........

    Can the collective suggest

    1) Any PC game with a simple level editor which would get a young person into the idea of very simple level design (8-12ish say)
    2) A more complex PC game/editor combo which would give someone a proper idea of what real level design is all about (I was thinking the HL2 editor).

    Ta muchly in advance.

    ps (Yes, I could ask lot of programmer/designer types, but I'm looking for a more 'informed consumer' response :-) )
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