#6193890, By reflux PS3 vs dedicated Blu-Ray player

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    Jazzy_Geoff wrote:
    I'll take issue with that reflux

    I run PS3 media server off a netbook with no worries
    I watch streaming stuff off the web (mostly sport and porn) all the time. It looks better on the telly than it does my laptop. I don't find may vids it can't play. (ITV player and 40d don't work though).

    And my issue is that you MUST have a computer to transcode the media instead of just storing your files on a simple network disk. What many don't realize is that if you want subtitles (like many of us non-English peeps do) PMS can't simply rewrap h264 content but instead has to recompress the video to a bandwidth hungry MPEG2-stream in realtime which means that you can't use it over wireless LAN and you'll need a fast quadcore-machine or a CUDA-accelerated h264-decoder (like CoreAVC) for 1080P streams.

    Understand me right, I use mine all the time but one can't really say that the PS3 is a great media player since it depends entirely on PMS. And, at least my Slim is rather noisy while playing, enough to annoy during more silent parts.
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