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    I could never have the guts to watch the video. I was shock to watch a beheading clip in Fahrenheit 9/11 and I don't think I want to repeat the experience with a more brutal one.

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    I don't want to sound like I am with the terrorists here. I think the beheadings are barbaric and macabre, and are unfit to be associated with any religious teachings. But the terrorists do have certain patterns in their activities. As you have known, they kill civilian workers as well as military targets. But Mr. Bush once said in his famous speech on the war against terror, "You either with us, or against us". The terrorists also have the same idea. "Hell", they said, "These workers are not with us, so they must be against us". The terrorists released Philippino hostage because his government bowed to their demand and beheaded American hostages because Mr. Bush did not. This is similar to a policy that Mr. Bush applied to the third world countries which is "Sticks and Carrots".

    Thank you Mr. Bush for making the world I am living now a better place to live in. I am more afraid than ever to fly a plane or board a train than a few weeks after 9/11. You said terrorism will suffer a major defeat if Iraq has democracy. The fact is that Iraq has never been in the hand of terrorists until recently and it is becoming one now. You made that land your front in your war against terror eventhough its people do not want it.

    Mr. Bush always insisted that terrorism will be defated by carrying out election. Yeah right, how is that gonna happen? If only, things are that simple. With three provinces including Baghdad are ungovernable the talk of having an election for a stable government is a baseless optimism. Also, does he really think than once the election is done Zarqawi will pack his bags and go?

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