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    I think SotC runs much better in 720p. I did 1-3 in 1080p and it really hurt my eyes, not quite sure why…also suffered from totally screwed up aiming zipping all over the screen…knocked it down to 720p today and took on 4-6 and it was much better…just like old times. Then i spent half an hour just riding through 13s area weaving in and out of the Ico stargates [little spoiler regarding the Ico/SotC link]

    Flying_Pig wrote:
    Done about an hour or so of Ico. Loving it so far :D

    I'm guessing it's a pretty short game, though...

    It is short, but perfectly paced. If your liking it now, you are in for a treat.

    Well worth a second playthrough too.
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