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    kj66246 wrote:
    I have only started ICO and that is a must in 3D, remarkable. Amazing. Wonderful. You can crank up the dept perception in the in game menu and if you push the slider to max it really "Pops" and the depth it gives you is stunning and perfect.

    I've not started SOTC yest but everything says to me that it should be amazing, the scale of the colossi should be wonderful and being able the traverse them in 3D should be fantastic, but the DF tech analysis indicates that you lose a bit (as you say). They say 720p 2D for SOTC is the optimum in regards to performance.

    On another note, It would have been a feat of engineering, they were already pushing the envelope, but if the guys at Santa Monica could have pulled off Stero 3D for God of War 3, could you image trumping through that in 3D. /o\

    ICO, is my first experience in 3D gaming and if it's the right game and its done well 3D gaming really could be something pretty special in the future.

    I've decided to settle on 3D Ico as I agree it adds a lot to the game, more then it takes away, anyway. I also played child of eden in 3D but have been disappointed as it looks so dull with toned down colours in comparison to regular play. 3D is a real mixed bag in my experience.
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