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    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    frod. wrote:
    Ico: nice atmosphere, unremarkable gameplay.

    SotC: nice atmosphere, interesting yet flawed gameplay.

    Neither are deserving of their artificial legendary status imo. Sony are riding that particular train quite well.
    Nothing artificial about their legendary status, they always have been highly regarded and rightly so. They are both a real treat in a world of Gears and Forzas. Both hark back to simpler and shorter games adding in a little sprinkle of something that lacks so much these days. Magic.

    Clearly the main issue is people going to play these games expecting something incredible, raise the expectation levels too high and don't be suprised if you're dissappointed.

    Like Pinky says though this HD remake has come about because the fans wanted and asked for it, people have been excited as soon as any sniff of the concept was smelt. That's not corporate hype.
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