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    Feanor wrote:
    The game's like that, too. I have to set my TV to 16:9 instead of Just Scan to get rid of the borders, and I've never had to do that with any other PS3 game.

    theres an option for that in options of each game. Its called Full Pixel or similar. Put Just Scan back on and change it in game.

    Quite why it isnt on by default i dont know… catering for the uneducated overscan/zoom uncalibrated, composite using masses i guess.

    Ive noticed a lot of games do this now, where you have to increase the size of the screen border when you load up a game for the first time, complete waste of time. If plebs are too dumb to set up a TV right let them miss out, i shouldnt have to keep fiddling to get a 1:1 picture!!
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