#6214699, By Gradius Sports Direct - broke the Sale of Goods Act

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    GloatingSwine wrote:
    Merlinho wrote:
    I've just been there now and noticed that there was 10% off on shirts today, so I asked for a refund, so that I could purchase a shirt with the 10% discount. I was told that they would not give me a refund, only store credit, so I quoted the Sale of Goods Act and said that the product was faulty.

    By offering store credit they offered you restitution under the Sale of Goods Act. That's all they have to do. The Sale of Goods Act does not mean that the customer gets to decide the type of restitution offered, it does not mean they have to offer you a cash refund, they simply have to offer some type of restitution which can consist of things like repair, replacement, or refund. They could have done a straight swap there and then without even offering you store credit to choose something different and they would have fulfilled their obligation under the Sale of Goods Act.

    No, if the goods were [u]faulty[/u] then they must offer a refund.
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