#6473692, By Veracity Will your current console(s) survive the next generation?

  • Veracity 21 Aug 2010 00:34:43 352 posts
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    ecosse_011172 wrote:
    There will be zero technical improvements, get used to it.
    I thought the Wii and portables had more or less established by now that the shinies-driven hardware race is a niche of dwindling relevance. Maybe people who want ultra hi-def 3d with smellovision will migrate to PCs, though I don't really see it. Too much money invested in consoles by industry and consumers alike. And multiplatform focus is "holding back" the PC, anyway, though from what I'm not sure. Developers who've had anything to say on the matter seem fairly relieved.

    The one thing I can see possibly driving a more strident consumer demand for backward compatibility is people's investment in XBLA/PSN - absence of physical product might make suddenly obsolete purchases feel more like a rip-off.

    My "current console(s)" are a PS2 and a DS, mind. So probably not.
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