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    mikew1985 wrote:
    megastar wrote:
    Gerrard was to blame for their goal.

    However, the fact that he has changed the player positions than that against italy (where it is globally, and unanimously accepted that we actually played very well) just to suit playing wayne rooney for the sake of playing wayne rooney to the detriment of the team, is unacceptable.
    How do you know that is why he changed the positions?

    Uruguay are a different team with a completely different style of play to Italy. It's not a 2+2 situation. Christ Almighty I'm not even invested in this from an emotional perspective but some of the rubbish flying around in here is ridiculous.
    What a ridiculous retort?

    Because that is supposedly his best position?????

    Do you have television, radio, newspapers or internet?

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