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    Xardan wrote:
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    Getting better at stuff you do should be the way levelling is done across the board. After Oblivion it seemed really weird going back to the old way of levelling in Fallout. It dawned on me that you had to foresee what class/skills you'd connect with.

    Admittedly Oblivion's system ended up being ripe for exploitation to counter the auto levelling ultra rats but I stlll find it strange the system in the minority. Even fable dropped a similar method for 'seals' in the third game.

    I thought oblivions system was horrible. I hated having to plan out my skill levels and having to keep watching them and swapping back and forth to maximize the amount of agility i would get when i level up.

    It was completely unbalanced really. I mean you could level up several times (if you chose a certain class) simply from athletics and acrobatics. Then you would have to battle mudcrabs your level with higher and better attributes etc.

    It seems that the Skills levelling is now quite quite distinct from the Attributes levelling. Specialising in skills makes you better at those skills, and you get perks in them. Levelling up skills gives you Generic XP, which lets you upgrade your attributes at level-up, but at your choice. No more "level up Long Blade and get a multiplier for +Strength on your next level up"
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