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    I'm a lurker on these forums but breaking my silence to share a game breaking bug. I'm playing on PS3, and have experienced an issue where Skyrim freezes the entire console (so that it requires a manual reset) whenever I try and view my magic menu. Renders my mage pretty much useless! Fortunately I've played Bethesda games before and keep multiple saves so was able to roll back to previous working one.

    This only started since visiting a particular site Shrine of Azura, on my way to Winterhold. I only realised after I got to Winterhold by which time all three auto-saves had corrupted. Thankfully I had a manual save about 20 minutes earlier by avoiding the shrine I have now got to Winterhold without the bug! Not 100% this was the cause but seems likely.

    A quick google suggests this bug has been seen on PC and 360 as well, although no-one has definitively found a cause. On 360 apparently it can be repaired by clearing cache but on ps3 it seems the save is unrecoverable.

    Interested to know whether anyone else has seen the same problem or visited this shrine on ps3 without issue?

    Great game, but if I hadn't had a working save after about 12hrs I'd have snapped it in half!
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