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    Despite my worries to the contrary, I did actually manage to wangle some time to play this over the weekend. Feels very familiar, but lots of the things that I didn't like about Oblivion seem to have been sorted out. First impressions :

    - I only played for a couple of hours, but I stuck my head in a few dungeons and they were pretty much all markedly different. Awesome.
    - The new approach to magic and the perk system are great
    - A real sense of all the locations being special and crafted
    - Animations are still pretty floaty at times, but definitely much better than previously
    - If this isn't the Gamebryo (or some version of it) engine tarted up again, I'll eat my hat.
    - It says a lot for the gameplay that although I have niggles with the graphics, it doesn't really bother me at all.

    Had my first "getting excited because this is fucking awesome" moment too, arriving in Winterhold in the dead of night, with the snow belting down and getting led across the bridge to be greeted in the courtyard. Not just "Would you like to join the Mages guild?" - "yes" - "ok, you're in." but turning that experience into a little story in itself, with the guided tour and training session. I totally got immersed in the moment, it was really atmospheric. Brilliant.

    Now my only problem is negotiating with the Mrs for some more time to play - 3 hours was gone in a flash!
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