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    Bulbatron wrote:
    So, if anybody wants to try using persuasion to make me stick to being a mage - by telling me what I might be doing wrong (should I have fled the floaty-coffin-thing and come back later at a higher level) - then be my guest, but if I'm still not convinced by the time I resume playing, I'm throwing away my staff and picking up a broadsword!
    Nooooo! Being a mage is awesome. You get to throw fireballs and summon elemental spirits from the COMPLETLY different plane of existence. Just think about that for a second and all your worries will soon go away.

    ^ And if that doesn't convince you (;)) then as a fellow mage I can't say it'll get any easier because I'm only level 20 but I haven't had too many problems. Destruction and Conjuration and Restoration are my highest leveled skills. Saving up a few perks for enchanting. Combat is ALOT eaiser as a pure mage when you have an Atronach helping you, the Fire Atronach is still useful, especially against Druagers. Dual casting is also a must, it'll stagger opponents giving you time to hit them again and STOP them charging at you. Runes are like mines, they explode and hit multiple opponents.

    Have you done the college of Winterhold quest line? You get a VERY good set of equipment from that. I've come up against one those floaty coffine dragon priest guys and did have a little trouble, but dual casting thunderbolt/fireball/atronach/lydia wittled him down in the end. Mages can be very versatile, do massive damage, and heal better than any other class in the game. Why wouldn't you want to be one? :D

    Also I'd suggest people upgrade the first shout.

    *EDIT* Also pump LOTS of points into Magicka. I put one into stamina at the start becuase I didn't know any better but since then it's been a 4-1 ration of Magicka/Health. And then only if I feel I'm dying too easily.

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