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    SamWalker wrote:
    So I was wandering around the other day and stumbled across a Bandit Stronghold which I proceeded to wipe out, killing the bandit "boss" as well.

    I join the Companions today and the quest was to go to this stronghold and kill the bandit "boss". I get there, and the quest marker is above his dead body so I stroll on back to the chap who gave me the quest and there was no option to complete the quest.

    I loaded up the Wiki guide and it reckons this quest is a "radiant quest" thing.

    My point? The storyline is fucked and the radiant quest stuff does not work.
    Wait three days and let them respawn? (That DOES happen right?) Or maybe reset cache if you're on the 360 and see if that helps (fixed a bug where correct puzzle combination wouldn't let me pass).

    If not... hope they patch in a fix for this :(
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