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    @zm26 - As an alternative, level up your alchemy and make poisons. A poisoned blade and / or arrows makes a great backup if you run out of magicka. (I'm only level 4 so I haven't done this yet, but it worked a treat as a strategy in Oblivion.)

    I nearly came a cropper with some Falmer last night. I was in a big dwemer ruin, and took some potshots at ones I could see in a lower level. Thought no more of it, until I turned a corner and there were 5 of the little buggers waiting. Killed 2, then ran away (*insert Benny Hill music*) to regen and heal, killed one more with remaining magicka then used up all the charges on the staff I have to kill the others. Job done, but left needing lots of soul gems.

    Last note : Went to Markarth (sp?) last night. Amazing. The difference in city design between this and Oblivion is like night and day.
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