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    I love Dragons.

    Just wandering through the woods on my horse with my companion, come across three stormcloaks running towards some thalmers for a scrap. I hate both so I'm ready to just wade in and do as much damage as I can, but just as I join in a shadow flies over us and a dragon lands in the midst of us and all hell breaks loose. As I'm finishing off the last thalmer the dragon could kill me, but my horse is heroically going toe-to-toe with it to buy me some time. The dragon kills my horse then flies off a little way and starts attacking a pack of wolves. As I'm ready go over a spider appears out of nowhere and starts attacking me, so I finish him off then head for the dragon. It starts attacking me, my companion is down, I'm about to die and then a wolf attacks the dragon, distracting it and letting me finish it off! I look around and half the ground is scorched, there are 4 dead wolves, a dead spider, my dead horse, 3 dead stormcloaks, 3 dead thalmers, a dead fox that the wolves or dragon must have got and a dead dragon. Pure carnage, just from a walk in the woods and some random encounters happening simultaneously.
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