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    Xardan wrote:
    Be careful, you can lose some stuff in some of the bought houses. If you leave stuff lying on the floor sometimes upon re-entry it can warp off through the floor or something. Also the weapon and shield displays eat my daggers. Also lost some books from the bookshelf.

    If the game saves the location of your dropped item before sending it flying through the floor you should be alright. Just remember the player houses have not been play tested much. Just like most of the game huh?

    All in all unstable buggy glitchy game is not fit for release. But hey! As long as reviews dont count bugs as an issue why should the devs care? They can just patch it after release...
    So because few crashes your saying the game shouldnt be out, just do what i do. Ignore them, the problems are going to be there... The games huge! Just deal with it and enjoy it.

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