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    erasr wrote:
    Heyyyy all. First post.

    I have a 360 and PS3, wondering which version of Skyrim shall I buy?

    Finally, I need some convincing. Loving the videos of Skyrim, the world, locations, atmosphere etc. But, I bought Oblivion couple years ago and got bored of it after a few hours. I do like my FIFA's, COD's, but enjoyed Portal 2 recently.
    What do you think, to buy Skyrim or not to buy!?

    Oh and I also got bored of Fable 2. I don't want to get bored of Skyrim, I just love the look of the game.
    Short answer - get the 360 version. I originally bought it on PS3 as I prefer the console overall but after about 30hours (lvl 18) the frame rate got so low and game so laggy it was borderline unplayable. Based on others experience of Fallout and NV I gambled that Bethesda wouldn't be able to fully fix the PS3 version (seems correct so far) and bit the bullet and bought it again on 360. From my experience the differences are as follows:

    + better textures on 360 due to blurry AA on PS3
    + much much better framerate on 360
    + more stable: 1 freeze in 60hrs on 360 vs 4 freezes in 30hrs on PS3
    + subjectively better load times on 360 (playing from disk not HDD)
    - 360 has the usual black crush issues (lack of dynamic range) which is a problem in this game due to all dark dungeons. Coming from PS3 it is noticeably too dark!
    - 360 also subjectively seems to have slightly inferior audio quality with my 5.1 setup. Could well be a limitation of the console rather than the game though I have both consoles going into the same amp via HDMI.

    All in all the digital foundry findings more or less match my first hand experiences. It's a real shame the PS3 version does have such poor performance as personally I much prefer the console and of course I lost 30 hrs play.

    Hope this helps.
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