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    Just started this - only played until the end of the very first part. I wasn't that blown away, to be honest. I thought I had an extremely high tolerance for slightly shonky game quirks - but on the very first horse cart ride watching a stag pivot 90 degrees on the spot after hitting a wall and going off into the sunset irritated me. As did when the first chap runs off and is shot with an arrow. So very stilted and unnatural. I guess I expected some better direction / animation, especially, of all places, the intro! I mean, when the other guy is stupidly keen to be executed, he walks over, stands over the block, and a guard knocks him down in a horribly animated, horribly slow manner. There's no physicality.

    So, not impressed yet, but neither was I with the intro to Oblivion with which I eventually spent about 80 hours (during my final year of uni - bliss). Hopefully, Skyrim'll get its hooks in soon.
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