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    Genji wrote:
    Fucking hell the interface makes no sense. I'm always forgetting that, when giving something to your follower (or putting it in a chest), the 'give' button is X, not A. So I'm pressing A to put a potion in a chest, and I fucking drink the fucking thing.

    I mean, really. If I open an interface where I am putting something into something else, why the fuck is there even an option to use or equip it? If I wanted to use it, I would open a menu and bloody use it!

    And for that matter, what on earth is wrong with using both sides of the screen for this? One side is me, the other the recipient. It could be a merchant, a follower, a box... anything, really. This was in the Fallout games, so why not here?

    And why is there no barter system? If I want to sell something and the buyer doesn't have quite enough money, why can't I take something from his inventory, and put it on his 'side' to help make up the difference? Sure, I can do it in two transactions, but why should I when I could theoretically organise all of it in one? Again, this was in the Bethesda Fallout games, so why not here?

    Yes, these are little things, but they add up. How can there be so much failure at the little things? Who thought that this would be a good idea?

    Sorry for the bitching. It's probably been said before, but I just needed to vent somewhere. I do actually like the game, but at times it seems the game doesn't really want me to like it.
    agree with this.  Though my major gripe is accidentally selling stuff then paying full whack to get it back, where's the undo?  So have the load from auto save, pain in the arse.
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