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    Zob wrote:
    I've been holding off on the xbox Skyrim 1.3 update until tonight and just decided to go with it after installing the new dashboard... Gaaaaah! My eyes!

    Is anyone else getting borked textures as a result of the 1.3 update? I thought this one wouldn't have any effect on the graphics as such?
    I was playing it on 360 streaming from the disc to avoid texture issues. After updating to 1.3 (after reading no damning Internet feedback) I haven't really noticed any difference graphics-wise, apart from some of the 3D objects on the loading screen having low-res textures sometimes, but that doesn't bother me.

    However, framerate-wise I've noticed significant dips to around 15-20 FPS in certain dungeons, during dragon fights and even walking around Whiterun, reminiscent of the "rim lag" issues PS3 users are having. The game used to run very smooth and stable pre 1.3 update.
    Cheers for the reply man. I haven't tried going to Whiterun yet - although I couldn't detect any low frame rates from the areas my saves were in. The mega-low-res textures seem not to be a universal problem then... The game looks so minging I think I'll try and employ some subversive tactic to get patch 1.1 back on my xbox...
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