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    spudsbuckley wrote:
    DjFlex52 wrote:
    @Xardan & spudsbuckley

    You guys are still bitching about this game?...play something else then.

    It must really bother you 2 that others are enjoying it that you have to come back every few pages and whine again.
    Because discussing games involves talking about the negative stuff as well as the positive.

    We're not professional reviewers blindly giving things 10's because we have to. As i've said already it's about a 7 or an 8 for me because it's pretty much just a decent expansion pack for Oblivion with a fuckload of broken stuff thrown in. Not bad at all but insanely over-rated to the point of being farcical.
    The commenters in this thread aren't professional reviewers but they truly enjoy playing Skyrim. We have expressed our enjoyment of Skyrim ONCE. Noone is repeatedly posting..."This is the best game evar!". You should have posted "As i've said REPEATEDLY already it's about a 7 or 8 for me..." Everyone here knows how you feel. You haven't added anything else to the discussion.

    BTW, Discussing the same negative stuff over and over has no value to anyone.
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