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    My biggest gripe with Skyrim is that the world is so very empty outside of dungeons and towns. A few more monsters/animals here and there would be nice. Hell I'd settle for giants and mammoths respawning more often. It's all sooooo very empty. Occasionally there will be some folk fighting like a fire and ice wizard but it is a very rare occurrence.
    Mmm very different to my experience so far, I've been unlocking a lot of new regions and on my travels I've seen loads, even at the top of the mountains there's plenty of life what with the ice wolves, ice trolls, dragons, sabre tooths etc. I can't run for more than 1000 feet without bumping into some sort of beast, person or bloody zombie.
    Yea I think when you first get to a new area there are things about but after you beat them up they don't respawn for a long time. Apparently Bethesda increased the respawn time to 30 game days, which is crazy imo. I do a lot of wandering around 'cause I don't find the quests very interesting and there's bugger all about to fight. :/
    Sometimes I think I'm playing a different game (encountered only a few bugs) than others are. The quests you refer to as uninteresting have to be more interesting than just wandering around.

    Also...I've killed 792 people, 420 animals, 189 creatures, 560 undead, 50 Daedra, 53 Automatons and one sacrificed companion. And you can't find anything to fight?

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