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    stryker1121 wrote:
    Lexx87 wrote:
    DDevil wrote:
    Lexx87 wrote:
    DDevil wrote:
    Woah, what the fuck was that about?
    I called him a troll for trolling.
    I got that. I just couldn't see where :D
    Check any of his posts since ever.
    I never got the sense from his posts that he was trolling. What's irritating about the criticism against Skyrim on this site (and other gaming sites i've visited) is that according to a very vocal percentage of dissenters, the people who like the game are sheep who have been snookered somehow by the hype and by "bought" reviewers, and they should stop being nOObs and go play a "real" game like Dark Souls. An arrogant and insulting assumption to say the least.
    Well, to me, that's trolling. Inciting an argument with no basis on fact. Especially when he repeatedly came into this thread with that babble.
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