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    Madgod_Dc wrote:
    iokthemonkey wrote:
    I ''finished'' Skyrim over the weekend (really good but it just seems to hit a dead-end when you ''fulfill your destiny.'')

    Anyway, I picked-up Oblivion GOTY edition and... it's horrible. Laughably bad animation, clunky interface, horrible 1990s ''Ye Olde'' typeface, dayglo-bright palette... OK, so it's 6 years old but I don't ever recall games from back then being so bad.

    It's since been uninstalled.
    BLASPHEMY! burn the heretic! >: P
    It's really frustrating, as I know under the hideously shit programmer graphics and nasty interface that there's a good game and plot trying to get out. I just wish I could find some decent mods to fix the flaws.
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