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    Mola_Ram wrote:
    It depends what your problem with Oblivion was. If you were bothered by the leveling system and scaled enemies (I wasn't that fussed, but apparently it was an issue for many), then the one in Skyrim is better.

    If, like me, you found the scenery and wildlife in Oblivion a bit dull, then Skyrim's is a lot better. There's mountains and such, and lots more animals around. The archery is fantastic, so going hunting is actually quite a bit of fun. And there are more varieties of dungeon, even though they still get fairly samey after a while.

    The NPCs, while improved, are still pretty lifeless. They seem to have more than two voice actors now, but the voice acting overall is pretty crap. And most of the quests are still pretty cookie-cutter.

    All of those things have been done better by, say, the Witcher games. But those aren't open like Skyrim. Maybe having such uneven quality is the price that needs to be paid for having so much content and such a big world.

    Anyway, I did like many parts of Skyrim. But whether you'll like it more than Oblivion depends on why you didn't like Oblivion.

    EDIT: Also, there were some puzzling design decisions taken with Skyrim. Many parts of the interface, for example, are utter shit, and make things far more confusing and obtuse than they need to be. This is not such a problem on PC - "mods will fix it", etc. - but you're stuck with it on consoles. (unless they addressed it with a patch. I dunno, haven't played it in months)
    Both of those were my issues so hopefully I'll also love Skyim.
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