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    J'ZHARGO !

    Probably my fave, and a few others. Just mentioned him in the comments on the Witcher/Skyrim article.
    Currently swapping between a heavily armoured Adelisia from the EEC, and the new John Hurt-soundalike Teldryn (Dunmer ?) from the bar in Raven's Rock. Seems to favour a sword and lightning magic, working well so far.

    Funniest story concerns the elf archer from Riverwood, my initial companion press-ganged into Imperial service during the war quests. He has that love triangle with the Nord and Imperial lass that involves you substituting letters. Ended up marrying her myself, and the surprise of finding him lurking around outside the house one morning was something !

    Seems his unrequited love knows no boundries, and his scripting has allowed him to remain a Windhelm resident. Either that or she's having an affair....
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