#6615693, By tinners FIFA 11

  • tinners 7 Oct 2010 22:02:09 154 posts
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    I'm still sticking with this being the best football game to date but fuck me the more time you spend playing it the more you wonder how they must have gotten Stevie wonder to test this game.

    If it's not the fact you will get a 100% crash on career mode no matter how many different teams you use,
    yes there is a workaround but that's not the point.

    If it's not the multiple crashes I seem to get in the arena before an online game.

    Or the fact they have made any chance of me getting some 2 v 2 games in the lobbies slim to none, it's beggars belief I'm still bothering.

    Gameplay is sublime but the sum of it's parts are so broken and needless changes to lobbies and game modes just makes me wanna give up before I can even enjoy a game.

    Amazing what a good time spent can do to change your opinion, still not getting pro tho but man EA do not make a good case.

    Patch please :/
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