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    Youthist wrote:
    No I am talking about just creating a game, private, then inviting as many people as you want into the game, selecting sides, and starting. So you should be able to go into a 2v2 room, and people send a message in the lobby that they want a 2v2 game, ie they have a mate and want to play. So you should be able to create a game, and invite the person that sent the message, but make it a private game. You then invite your partner (who is not in your house, just online), your opponent invites his mate to the same session, and then you select the teams etc. However, you cant in 11 seem to select a private game during this process, so you get other people jumping into the session as you go through the process above, and it totally messes up your plan. It worked fine in 10, and in 11 you can see the Private option there, but its greyed out / not selectable....?

    In the room above 2v2 , online team play u can make a private game there but not in a 2v2 room, total mess I know
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