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    WinterSnowblind wrote:
    L_Franko wrote:
    Spoilers about story mode.

    Well in the first fight, when your Lui, after the first couple of defeats I ended up battering him because if I kept my distance he would taunt alot. If the end fight is like that it shouldn't be a massive problem.

    The end fight is no where near as easy as that one.

    I struggled on the end fight also, but on my winning attempt I kept my distance and just did a hiyaaabubbalaaair! to get a hit in on his taunts. When he throws his spears just duck under them, don't block else you'll take damage. When he goes to throw a hammer, teleport behind him and do the FK, FK, BK HIYAAABUBBLALAAAIR combo. Keeping distance is mega important so he doesn't lame you out with shoulder charges.
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