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    Br0ken_Engli5h wrote:
    beatwolf wrote:
    you and your missus' and children and what not. Either throw her away from the telly or get another one.. no more men left. only pussies

    Psiloc wrote:
    +1. I learnt a while ago that EGers need to mention their wives/girlfriends every 25 seconds, even it relates to them being whipped harder than man has ever been whipped before. If my missus told me to get off the telly I paid for so she could watch her emotional bullshit I'd laugh in her face.

    Seeing as I usually get a few hours gaming time on a Friday, I don't think it's a big ask to watch some telly with the missus later on in the night. Fuck those bitches, though, eh? Speak wrong to you and they should feel the back of your hand.

    Ohhhh, you're both such men. Why don't you both oil up so that we can all stand around and admire your muscles?

    I was joking.

    Quick question, are there any 2v2 tag matches in the story mode? Do you get to play on a team at all?
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