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    midnight_walker wrote:
    ZizouFC wrote:

    Going to pick this up after work. Just need help deciding what format. I was leaning towards PS3 because of Kratos... but now I'm not too sure. I don't plan on playing online that much - especially not in the beginning so PSN being down doesn't bother me much right now. I only have 1 PS3 controller which is a bigger deal to me since I will play locally against friends quite a bit.

    So is Kratos worth it?

    Kratos isn't quite the game changer he might have been, but the PS3 pad sure as hell is.
    This is true, you'll end up buying a stick for the 360 version anyway.

    Just got to Raiden's chapter. Love this game. It's the best fighting game ever as far as I care.
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